Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plus/Minus: Expect the unexpected (in the form of a high-five)

Andrei Markov was on the ice. Lars Eller got into fighting words with Erik Karlsson? Ryan White celebrated a birthday. Brian Gionta had some St. Patrick's Day fun. Proof that it can be a good week even if your hockey team loses.

+ Congratulations on 1000 NHL games to always-our-captain Saku Koivu.
+ Josh Gorges has blocked over 200 shots this season. Holy crap. If Pacioretty is Wolverine, which superhero is Gorges? (Someone with X-Men knowledge, help me out here?)
+ Erik Cole high-fiving a ref is the kind of stuff that Plus/Minus was made for. But everyone was way too excited about it happening to notice how hilariously nonchalant he was about the whole thing. It's all in the execution.
+ Congratulations on your first NHL goal, Paloosh!
+ So, Randy Cunneyworth is not René Bourque's biggest fan. Giving him a vote of confidence by putting him in a shootout? I'm not used to this. Are coaches people too?
+2 Congratulations to the Montreal Impact on scoring their first goal as a Major League Soccer team, for scoring record attendance for a soccer game in Canada, and to the female commentator on RDS who gets to cover one of the biggest Montreal sports moments in recent years.
+ Will Arnett's character on Up All Night said "I made a huge mistake." It made me so happy.

- Markov took a puck to the face. Please, no more. No more injuries. We can't handle it!
- I appreciate that my team is trying to give me as much free hockey as possible before the season ends, but all this overtime is stressing me out.

EDIT: A Plus for the news that Jean Béliveau's health is improving after his stroke.
A Minus to those new Black Ice jerseys - they look like what a Pitbull remix sounds like.

There's less than a month left in the season. These coming weeks are going to feel like Mardi Gras: I'm going to watch as much Habs hockey as I can before there isn't any more.

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