Monday, April 4, 2011

It's April 5th already?

I can't believe the season is so close to being over. I've been looking forward to this Blackhawks game since before the season started, and I can't believe that the day has arrived.

No idea why, back in September, I sprang for tickets to this Blackhawks game without a second thought. Why I chose a game that I'd have to pay for right away and wait seven months to see, I have no idea.
Maybe it was because I wanted to see the season finale, come hell or high water or any position in the standings.
Maybe it's because, as one of my friends reminded me last week, Canadiens-Blackhawks is one of those matchups that you can just never pass up.
Maybe it's because I have this weird life goal to see all of the Original Six teams in person, and after tonight I'll have five out of six. (I'm also 5/6 of the way to seeing all of the Canadian teams. I think I just figured out where all my money went.)
Maybe it's because Jonathan Toews is the Internet's favourite hockey player.
("The Circle of Hawks" was made by Kat, lead contributor to Runs On Duncan, which you should already be reading.)

Or maybe it's because I kind of like the Blackhawks. I know, I know, I wrote this post already about the Los Angeles Kings. Don't worry, I don't think I love the Hawks as much as I love the Kings, much less the Habs. There's just something about the Western Conference, and the Original Six, that I really like. I was very happy to see Jonathan Toews win a gold medal, a Conn Smythe trophy, and a Stanley Cup all in the same season. I'm still kind of surprised that he's such a great captain, and that he's been so composed since such a young age. (Pretty sure this has already been said: Jonathan Toews is my Sidney Crosby. Deal with it.) Joel Quenneville knows how to rock a mustache, and the Hawks have my favourite fan video series in "Joey The Junior Reporter."

And while I may not call the Hawks my first or second team, I wouldn't be opposed to receiving the same gift as the main character on Samantha Who?:
The very handsome Eddie Cibrian bought her a Hawks jersey personalized with "Smartass" on the back. I don't own one, but if I did I might have done the unthinkable and worn it to tonight's game. It's probably the only piece of enemy apparel I'd wear to the Bell Centre. Don't worry, I'll never become a real Hawks fan because I'm one of the few people who cannot stand "Chelsea Dagger."

The only major similarity between this game and the Kings game, both of which I chose to buy tickets for, is that the opposing goalie is a local boy. The Bell Centre was not very nice to Jonathan Bernier. Please, Montreal, do not boo Corey Crawford for no reason.

Even if I do have a reason, I won't boo. I'll be too busy cheering for my Habs in their last regular season game at home. I may or may not sound all hoarse on the radio tonight, but I'll have a good excuse.

Go Habs Go!! 

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