Monday, April 25, 2011

Game 6 Preview

OK, so this isn't really a Game 6 Preview.
It's just a review of all the Game 7's that I've watched the Canadiens play and win.

There were the two first rounds last year, where the Canadiens played teams that should've won, and then gone on to win the Stanley Cup. But the Habs were the little team that could. They won two Game 7's, and both times I was so excited I couldn't even cheer. I just sat in front of the TV and tried to understand what I had just seen, and remind myself that it was real. My team eliminated the great Washington Capitals. My team bested Sidney Crosby. My team was not afraid of taking a series to seven games.
There was my rookie season, as well. The Habs gave us a bit of a scare in the 2008 playoffs, but really they just made the series last seven games because they wanted us fans to watch as many exciting playoff games against the Bruins as possible. (That, and the Bruins were really pesky.)

A seven-game series might be more stressful for the fans, and more physically difficult for the players, but it's just so exciting. I'll take it. No one expected the Canadiens to sweep this series. A Game 7 win is a perfectly acceptable win.

And if things happen otherwise, we'll still remember how good it felt when our team won. It wasn't that long ago, after all.

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