Friday, January 3, 2014

The Definitive List of Things Scary Darryl Sutter Looks Like

Wow, you share one scary picture of a hockey coach and suddenly everyone's having nightmares.

But first, a little background. Another hockey fan/cat lady I follow on Twitter retweeted this:

Naturally, I was scared out of my mind, so I shared the picture, and then everyone else shared it too. I'm pretty sure that this is the exact plot of most horror movies.

So, the picture scared a bunch of other people and spawned a whole lot of "looks like" tweets. Here's a list:

Sam the Eagle from the Muppets
A lab experiment cross between an Orc and Sean Penn
Tony Blair
"Looks exactly like a Spitting Image Puppet of himself"
Mr. Burns (which is a comparison that some might call... excellent)
Bruce Arthur says this is "art," so I guess you should never go to a museum with him.
The Penguin
Bitter beer face*
Mr. Bean
This ultra-creepy Phil Collins doll
A Guy Fawkes mask
Freddy Krueger
Jay Onrait in 20 years
Basically anything in a movie that would scare you
Max Headroom
Something terrifying that I think might be Leprechaun
Cyril Sneer, the bad guy from The Raccoons
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

And that's it so far.

If I've learned anything tonight, it's that I accidentally gave a bunch of people nightmares, helped to spawn a parody account, and that pop culture was pretty damn terrifying 30 years ago.

*props to the guy who said that on having an awesome soccer wallpaper

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