Sunday, January 19, 2014

Plus/Minus will be deemed "excessive and unnecessary" by the Sens

First, Marcel Aubut filibustered the Team Canada roster announcement. Then Jacqueline Bisset made an incomprehensible acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. I am forever grateful that Don Cherry's hero's welcome at whatever Hockeyville was this year lasted under an hour.

+ This picture of the Sedin twins holding the Hansen twins (Via K. Leroux):

+ Get benched, watch the city explode with rage, come roaring back with an awesome performance against the defending Cup champions, then run the world BeyoncĂ©-style. It’s the P.K. Subban way of life.
+ Tomas Plekanec. We love you and your goals and your turtleneck.
+ A huge, mustachioed Plus goes to George Parros for planning a fundraiser for children with cancer and inviting people to cut off their hair and donate it. I cut my long hair short a few years ago for the same purpose (by the same stylist who gave haircuts today!) so I know what it feels like to say goodbye to a few inches of hair. Four haircuts and $1545 is a pretty nice take for an event that was announced less than a week ago. Here's hoping it becomes an annual event.
+ Is everyone in the NHL scoring hat tricks? What colour of Gatorade are they drinking, and can I go buy some right now?
+ Everyone knows that I could go on at length about Carey. But just for a minute, let's about Corey and this incredible save:

+ So great to see Chris Hadfield singing the national anthem at a Habs-Leafs game on Hockey Day in Canada, almost exactly a year after posting this from space: 


- Someone needs to explain to Ottawa that hockey is a game, not an excuse to blow literally everything out of proportion. I can't believe that there are fanbases out there with bigger drama queens than Montreal.
- I never thought I would give a Minus to anyone from Friday Night Lights, but Scott Porter went to an LA Kings game last week, and Instagrammed a picture of the Magic Johnson statue outside of Staples Center. Come on, man, you were so close to the statue of Gretzky!
- To anyone that’s still fat-shaming Lena Dunham: Here’s a Minus. You can pretend it’s the medal you think you deserve for being sooo cutting-edge and original. (Let's just extend this Minus to anyone who sees an actress and says she "needs a sandwich." Everyone needs sandwiches because sandwiches are delicious.)

So, as usual, what did we learn this week? Keep calm and grow a mustache.

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