Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Playoff mode

The NHL playoffs make me want to be a better fan.

It's like how everyone treats the playoffs as a second season. Like how the players stick to even stricter diets and such, making sure to take care of the bodies that get bruised up on the ice. I'm trying to be in the best shape possible just to watch the postseason.

I started planning for the playoffs, when I normally don't plan for anything. At all.

I ran as many errands as I could before the playoffs started. Time is precious in the post-season, and it can't be wasted buying toothpaste or picking up drycleaning. I started my spring cleaning early - by which I mostly mean that I cleaned out my purse, anticipating a sea of discarded pub receipts and post-it notes, and three more tubes of lip gloss (in addition to the two that were already in there.) I did my taxes. I did my laundry. And now I'm a whole new person.

I wake up early. 
I get to work early so that I can leave early. 
I have my Starbucks card at the ready in case I don't sleep enough and need caffeine. 
I make my lunches the night before - cheap, healthy lunches to offset the emotional eating and pints of cider that hockey tends to cause. 
I plan my outfits the night before, too, and then actually wear them instead of pulling something else out of the closet at the last minute. 
I don't wear pencil skirts on game days, because I learned the hard way that they limit my mobility when trying to run home for puck drop. 
I keep track of which Habs T-shirts are lucky these days and which ones aren't.
I make to-do lists at work. 
I delegate instead of micromanaging, because it's more efficient. 
I use those organizer apps and figure out the quickest way and the best time to get everything done, instead of just forgetting to do something for two days in a row. 
I decide on the days and times that I go to the gym - it would be ironic for me to miss a workout because I'd rather watch a bunch of professional athletes charge towards each other at breakneck speeds. 
I do laundry and dishes and all that important stuff during commercial breaks and intermissions. 
I try to keep up with hockey news, despite a no-cellphones policy at my office. 
I try not to let the temporary insanity of sixteen fanbases get to me. 
I try to figure out how to watch all of the hockey and everything on TV and also sleep.

I'm basically turning into my best self. Maybe this is what Tracy Jordan meant when he said "Live every week like it's Shark Week."

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