Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming back from the NHL lockout (explained through Backstreet Boys songs)

(Sometimes I worry that my post ideas aren't original enough. Somehow I'm not worried about this one.)

When the LA Kings won the Cup at the end of last season:

When it looked like CBA negotiations wouldn't be over in time for the preseason:

What was probably going on between the NHL and PA:

There were the fans who missed hockey so much they couldn't take it:

There were the ones who heard the siren call of other sports:

And who gave in and cheated on hockey:

Through it all, the NHL and PA tried to pretend they still cared about the fans:

But it got to the point where we weren't mad, just disappointed:

And we felt abandoned:


And then hockey gave its fans all kinds of free stuff as a way to show their appreciation:

Actually, it sounded a little more like this:

Oh, and this was how a lot of people reacted when they saw I published an entire blog post about the Backstreet Boys:

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