Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Serious Question About Scott Gomez

When Scott Gomez was traded to the Canadiens, I was livid. The New York Rangers wanted to shed cap space and the Habs, dumb enough to accept that trade, were probably going to suffer for it.

Eight million dollars a season on a guy who doesn't score a lot of goals seemed like an awful lot of money. "But he's good at assists," cried people who have since forgotten that fact, "and he won a Stanley Cup." I didn't really care. The most that Gomez could be to me, was a guy who made me laugh.

Fast-forward to this season. Gomez scores about once a year. No one is singing his praises. Instead, they're so happy that Marc Bergevin basically fired him that they're breaking out into song-and-dance numbers that they've probably been practicing for months. And, to be honest, I'm a little tired of it. I want off of the bandwagon that I built. Making fun of Scott Gomez isn't fun anymore.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I hated on Gomez before it was mainstream. Does that make me a hipster?

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