Saturday, July 7, 2012

The return of the HIHW Awards

Let's just pretend that I've actually been writing lately. In reality, all I've written are e-mails at work and my new advice column for All Habs.

But, since it's the offseason, let's look back and hand out some random awards. Up first: Our favourite person on sports TV!

The Coach Taylor Trophy For Favourite TV Person (Sports)
Andi Petrillo, CBC: Because let's be honest, Jeff Marek made the iDesk look like dudes sitting in front of laptops reading things. I could have done his job, despite my zero years of broadcast experience. Andi Petrillo didn't get this nomination for being a token female. She got it because she's poised, she knows her stuff, she's not terrified of being on camera, she doesn't have a super-annoying voice like Jeff Marek does (no offense), and she does her job better than at least half of the more experienced sportscasters on television.
James Duthie, TSN: He's James Duthie. He can do everything. He can make boring stories interesting, and when he can't, he's fully aware that he's being boring. But most of the time, he's more than happy to crack a joke or break a story.
Jay Onrait, TSN: Not afraid to be weird or funny or even unfunny. He's like the Zooey Deschanel of the sports world - he does what he wants, no matter how bizarre, and we love him for it.
Pierre Houde, RDS: Hands down, the best voice in hockey sportscasting that I've heard. He's the reason why I watch Habs games almost exclusively in French. (Yes, I forgive his occasional mispronunciations of English names and "Colaiacovo.")
P.J. Stock, CBC: Tell me P.J. doesn't totally crack you up. Go ahead, tell me.

Please accept my apologies for this average-looking graphic and then cast your vote below. Write-ins are also accepted in the comments!

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