Monday, July 9, 2012

HIHW Awards: We don't hate the players

The last three categories were really fun to write up, but I think it's time to talk about some actual hockey players, no? Here are some categories that recognize some of the season's best players.

The Youppi! Trophy for Habs MVP
Almost every player on this list could be called the "core" of this year's team; the reason why we watched even the most dismal of games. It might not have been a championship season, but we had a lot to be proud of. And one guy we laughed at.
Erik Cole
Josh Gorges
Scott Gomez
Max Pacioretty
Carey Price

The Michael Fassbender Trophy For Breakout Star*
*We at Hab It Her Way do not support Mr. Fassbender's alleged violence issues, but we appreciate his talent, his European-ness, and how fun it is to say his name. If any of these nominees even try to lay a hand on a woman, they will be dead to us.
Dustin Brown: I've thought he was awesome for a while now. And then at some point during the playoffs, TSN and CBC caught on. Now he's the golden boy or something.
Claude Giroux: Yeah. There's a Flyer on this list. That's how good Giroux was this season.
Henrik Lundqvist: Maybe it was 24/7. Maybe it was a great year to be a Ranger. But something made King Henrik a bigger star than ever this season. Which is something that I'm willing to admit, even though I hold grudges. Speaking of which...
Max Pacioretty: This is not hometown bias. This is just a well-deserved nomination for a player who could have been a Masterton nominee even if he hadn't suffered a terrible injury.
Gabriel Landeskog: He won rookie of the year for a reason. It seems like he had no trouble transitioning to the NHL. I wonder if Matt Duchene is jealous?

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone... nah, I got Max Pacioretty, so it's all good, right?


  1. What about Adam Henrique for breakout Star? Went from being sent to the minors after 2 weeks to 2 series winning OT goals

  2. Scott Gomez:

  3. Doug: Thanks for the recommendation! I almost put Henrique on the nominees list and then put Landy in the last slot instead. I'll take your comment as a write-in vote.

    Cam: You will always be Scott Gomez's greatest apologist. He owes you a Frappuccino or something.


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