Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Open Letter To Angela Webber

Dear Angela:

Yeah, it's probably really creepy that a complete stranger is writing a blog post about you. I swear I'm not that weird.

Anyway, congratulations on your recent engagement to Carey Price. You both seem like great people and I wish you all the best.

No, for real! All my male co-workers laughed at me after they found out the news, and asked me if the dream was over. (They think they're funny.) For some reason, it was incomprehensible to them that I would be happy about this. Which makes no sense to me, because you're the girl who got Carey Price to dress up in a couples costume at Halloween. And that costume was Batman and Robin, which might be the best idea I've ever heard. Seriously, you are a genius.

And as someone who really only knows your fiancé as a hockey player, I have to say that he's been different ever since you moved in with him. He plays well, he's confident, and he's focused. I can only assume that it must be really great for him to have someone to come home to, who doesn't only care about what happened on the ice.

Anyway, a lot of fans who've been congratulating you two have said something like "Hope to see some little Careys running around soon!"
I'm not going to do that. Asking an engaged couple about babies is like walking into a dinner party and asking what's for dessert. So, if and when you have kids, I will be happy for you. Until then, I won't say anything about them, except for this: If you have a son, please consider naming him Vincent. If he grows up in Montreal, it'll be good to have a name that's easy to say in both English and French. But mostly you just cannot pass up an opportunity to name your kid Vincent Price.

And again, congratulations, and I hope you two have a happy and healthy marriage.


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