Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plus/Minus shares a timeslot with Jimmy Fallon

It's midnight. Midnight Plus/Minus is what happens when your holidays are busy (read: lazy) and then there's a World Juniors game on.

“We started something here and we want to finish it here until the last goal.”
+ I'm incredibly happy to have Josh Gorges on this team. But you knew that already. I can't even tell you how happy it made me to find out that he's been renewed for another six seasons. (And a movie?) He may deserve to be on a Habs team better than the one we've seen lately, but if every player can turn into the one that Josh Gorges has been since he came to Montreal, this team will be unstoppable.

+ Some people might find it scandalous that I'm giving this a Plus, but former Bulldog (and occasional Hab) J.T. Wyman, who I happen to like very much, scored his first NHL goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I'm very proud of him, even though he scored against my team. (Maybe there was money on the board?) I was disappointed to see him leave the Bulldogs this summer (as you know) but I thought he'd be a good fit in Tampa if he ever got called up, and here's proof: a goal in only his third game with the big club.
+ What is it about Florida that makes Emelin extra badass?
+ I don't like the Flyers, I don't like the Flyers, I don't... But congratulations, Brayden Schenn, on your first NHL goal!
+ The second and third periods of the Winter Classic.
+ Tonight's World Junior game was the kind of game that proves exactly why I love Team Canada (and have, even since I before I was a hockey fan) and why I like watching Canada-Russia matchups so much. It was thrilling, high-scoring, and infuriating. I couldn't have asked for anything more from one game, and I'm not even disappointed that Canada lost because they came out for the most incredible third period any fan could imagine.

- Peter Laviolette messing with Steve Ott between periods of a Dallas-Philly game, then denying it and playing dumb after the game even though the whole thing was caught on camera. He knows that there's video evidence, right? (Typical Laviolette.)
- Krys Barch allegedly making a racially insensitive comment to P.K. Subban is a "he said, he said" scandal. (Or, a "he said, ref overheard" scandal, if you will.) We may never know exactly what was said and what led up to it, but if it's true, this kind of behaviour needs to stop.
- To anyone who didn't think that The Roots were adequate intermission entertainment for the Winter Classic.
- There's no reason for fans of one country to be hateful toward the players of another.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some sleeping to do before the first Habs game of 2012.

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